Pangoscrum new feature: Branding [EN]

August 31st, 2009 by Pedro Mazzoni Leave a reply »

The PangoScrum team has released today a new feature for the community: Branding.

Now you can customize the appearance of your PangoScrum by selecting themes and uploading your logo.

Only the Account Holder, that is the account creator, might customize PangoScrum’s appearance.

To change the appearance of your PangoScrum account, go to the “My account” section:


And then you will be able to choose a theme or upload your logo.


Besides that feature, we also released some minor changes and fixes:

  • Added the concept of Account Holder. Normally this will be the collaborator which has created the account. It may not be changed yet.
  • Collaborators created by admins are active by default now. This means that there is no need for those collaborators to access the activate link. Account Holders still need to activate themselves, which means that accounts need to be activated. Collaborators still need to set their passwords before they are able to login. The e-mail sent to collaborators when they are created has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Add/Remove buttons in the Sprint Planning page are now displayed only when some item is selected in the proper column. This makes the interface more user-friendly. Many users were having trouble when trying to add/remove items in the sprint through this interface. Hope this change will help those users :)
  • Password Reset link in edit collaborator form wasn’t working.
  • Logged in collaborators could delete themselves if they were admins. This was fixed, now an error message will be flashed when the logged in collaborator attempts to delete himself.
  • Admin checkbox was not working in both create and update collaborator forms.


  1. Marcelo Ruiz says:

    I like your product very much. Any idea when the commercial version will be released? Costs?


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