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Is has been long since Intelitiva adopted the Scrum framework, enjoying all the benefits of the agile Methodology.


To manage the Scrum process, we used to use our corporate wiki, putting in there our products, product backlogs, sprints, dates, items states, sprints results and etc.

We need this information especially in order to have vision and feedback about the process. Without this feedback, we consider that we would not improve as much as we could our software deliver eficiency.

Besides that, it was also interesting to have the historical data about our Scrum, e.g., to know what we delivered to the client in the past five interactions.

The problem is that using the wiki started to become something undesirable:

  • The inclusion of the information was boring.
  • The access to the information was not easy neither agile
  • The information was not structured.
  • We did not have any kind of report.
  • It was difficult to organize and search the history.

Finally, the teams did not like to use it and the information that could improve our efficiency was not properly available anywhere.

So we thought:

Maybe it would be interesting to use a specific tool for the management of Scrum in Intelitiva.

We began to search and realized that there was some tools for this on the market, but most of these tools have the following characteristics:

  • They try to replace the task board. We didn’t want this.
  • They don’t have a friendly interface.
  • They are too complex: They have many features that we don’t need.
  • They would interfere in our Scrum.

So we thought:

Maybe other teams also experienced such difficulties.

For those reasons we have developed PangoScrum.

PangoScrum Beta is now available, completely free and without limitations of use:



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